Appointing the right employees and developing the respective potential of these employees in line with the requirements of a company is one of the most important tasks faced by managers. The challenge: Everyone has their own unique profile consisting of values, behaviour, competencies and EI (emotional intelligence). Moreover, we are not fully aware of ourselves, at least when it comes to relationships and aims. Examining the personality structure of a person in depth and comparing this with an expertise-oriented job profile is therefore a time-consuming and error-prone method.




Less complexity – More objectivity
This process requires systems that reduce the complexity of human actions down to factors which are decisive for the long-term success of a new appointment and as removed from “instinctive” decision-making as possible. INSIGHTS MDI® is a comprehensive, scientifically-founded toolbox developed over the course of decades (MDI stands for Management Development Instruments) which enables companies to appoint the right employee, use and develop the employee’s strengths efficiently for the success of the company, and form efficient teams on all levels of a hierarchy.

Recognised worldwide
INSIGHTS MDI® diagnostic tools are now used in 35 countries, 16 languages and in around 20 target group-specific versions for analysing values, behaviour and competencies. These tools have been employed more than 6.5 million times by over 100,000 companies worldwide, including BSH Bosch Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Munich Re and Sony.
In Germany, INSIGHTS MDI® diagnostic tools are exclusively offered by INSIGHTS MDI International® Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of SCHEELEN® AG, and its qualified licensed partners – professional coaches and advisers. VON GOTTBERG is a licensed partner of INSIGHTS MDI.