When companies are looking for top-class specialists and experienced managers, they are often faced with major challenges. On the one hand, a vacancy in a key position should not be visible outwardly, and on the other, the suitable people do not tend to apply for these positions on their own initiative. This is when companies approach us and seek professional support – discreet, quick and precise.

Direct search and research
Good, intensive and precise research is the key to accessing suitable candidates. As part of this, companies are identified in which possible target candidates work and an initial contact is made possible to these target candidates. In this context, absolute discretion and professionalism go without saying. In addition to our research we can access existing contacts in our extensive network. This ensures that a placement can be made quickly and precisely.

Extensive network in international markets
Since our company was founded in 1987, we have been advising companies in international markets. As a result, we now have an extremely extensive network. For companies, this has the advantage that we are in a position to identify suitable candidates quickly and precisely. By the same token, this has the advantage for candidates that we fill attractive vacancies on a regular basis.

What sets us apart?
VON GOTTBERG has been working very successfully for national and international clients since 1987. We employ a suitable solution from day one as we strive to learn more about the vacancy than the mere professional requirements, such as the operating environment, the corporate culture and set of values practiced at the company as well as any preferences regarding the personality of the candidate being sought. Thanks to our specialisation, we have an extensive network which includes many candidates. Moreover, our research is extremely precise and intensive. All of this enables us to make rapid, precise and successful placements.